History of Gabba was coming from our grandfather. We are 3rd generation in furniture industry. We started from retail part of furniture business after that the coming generation had lots of passion to start the production. After a while the 3rd generation started to production 20 years ago.Currently, Gabba furniture has more than 50 showrooms in Turkey. Furthermore; Gabba exporti more than 50 countires. All story had been coming from how we will produce quality furniture in world standart and build our own brand.

There are 3 main mottos of Gabba ; Firstly, utilize the knowledge of founders, secondly, being an international and finally, listen the sound of nature.

The story of Gabba had been start 50 years ago; continues with 3rd genertaion today. There are more than 350 family members in our factories. Also Gabba has lots of business partners. Thanks to all family members Gabba will assign the quality of design and production power to coming generation. Gabba will present our country in international market. It is the motto of all family members.

On the other hand, Gabba believe and support the fair trade rules. All of Gabba family members get fair salary and working enviorment. It is an undeniable fact that he fair trade rules brings a better standart of living for all enviorment. Gabba is the Pioneer of the market on fair trade rules and better standart of living for all colleagues. Also the main aim of Gabba sustanible and enviormentally friendly furniture production.

“The future production of furniture” is the one of the powerful milestone of Gabba. That terminology support form knowledge and innovation. Gabba follows this way more than 50 years. The meaning of “Future production of Furniture” is determination, maintainability and innovation. Gabba makes a magnificent formula for these points for a while. That is why Gabba had been located on the furniture market different than the competitors.

Gabba will focus on future developments of Furniture industry that is why the team members of of Gabba are dynamic, young and productive. Moreover; Gabba focus on innovatine furniture design with its dynamic R&D team. The marketing team of Gabba analyze clients desires and furniture industry necessity. Therefore, Gabba will consistently follow all step being an international brand on the industry such as; feed from knowledge, advertize on digital platforms and analyze the clinets needs. These are the fundamental milestones of Gabba.